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Being an award winning manufacturer of supreme quality corrugated cartons with our state of the art corrugated plant, together with the technical expertise, who man the advanced laboratory, research & development unit has perfected these products to meet industry requirements and standards.


Regular Slotted Cartons


This is the most common box style with flaps that meet in the center both top and bottom. Great for packaging any type of product from FMCG to Horticultural to Industrial products.

Die Cut Boxes

The die cut carton allows for intricate design and shape to protect and promote your products in a variety of ways.

The cartons are used for packaging of food, vegetable, as well as for livestock and can withstand extreme temperatures. We can design and manufacture die cut cartons to suit any product from any industry regardless of shape, size and quantity. Die cut cartons can be plain or printed and with a range of print options.

Value Added Boxes 

Our state-of-the-art laminating process enables you to brand your valuable shipment which is a requirement for direct shelve storage of finished products.

Other Packing 

As a part of our “Go Green” concept,Ex-pack has developed several products such as wardrobe cartons, pallets, tea chest cartons, tuna cartons and many more and our R & D division is constantly engaged in developing innovative products using recycled material.
Corrugated pallets
Wardrobe cartons
Coir pallets